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Prosthetic coupling concepts

The ITS® prosthetic line is highly appreciated by dentists and dental technicians for its simplicity in post selection and prosthetic coupling procedures.

Our wide range of solutions covers a large number of applications for both screw-retained and cemented prostheses, on single elements, multiple edentulous cases and/or total rehabilitations.

In this section, you can see the wide range of prosthetic components designed by ITS® to meet all kinds of clinical requirements and for all types of implant prostheses.

                           CONICAL                        EXTERNAL                      INTERNAL


What are the limitations of flat-on-flat connections?

The coupling between components with parallel walls (hex with hex, flat-on-flat), which from a technical point of view is inevitably mobile, does not allow couplings without micro gaps between the implant and the abutment.

This leads to the following clinical disadvantages:

  • Formation of micro-cracks between the two components;
  • Micro-movements leading to loosening of the post and the screw;
  • Fracture of screws and posts due to a concentrated load;
  • Limitations in second-stage procedures and in superstructure positioning;
  • The second procedure is highly invasive;
  • Bacterial infiltration.



Torque Conical Connection


Torque External Hex


Torque Internal Hex


Which solution is currently the best? Why choose the conical connection?

The conical and anti-rotational connection is THE CUTTING-EDGE PRODUCT currently available in the implant-prosthetic field, guaranteeing unprecedented stability between the implant and the prosthetic abutment, comparable to a one-piece implant.

All this results in the total absence of micro-movements, bone resorption and excellent long-term stability for hard and soft tissue.


The five factors of success of the conical connection

Attention to detail has led to our ITS conical connection:

  • Bacteria-proof seal;
  • High mechanical stability;
  • Coupling of the prosthetic abutment with the total absence of micro-movements;
  • Long-term stability for hard and soft tissue;
  • No likelihood of the prosthetic post unscrewing;
  • Universal prosthetic connection;



The concept of hard and soft tissue preservation.

The implant surface, the position in the bone, the type and design of the implant-abutment connection are just a few examples of the many factors that determine the stability of bone and soft tissue.

Research and clinical experience have shown which parameters are most important: all details must interact in the proper way, only then can long-term success be achieved with implant prostheses.

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